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Learn Your Natural Rhythms to Promote Better Mood and Energy!

It's no shock that there are strong links between mood, energy, stress levels and sleep.... But here you can learn how keeping track of your own natural ups and downs can empower you to create more Calm Energy in your days.


She Went to Court for a DUI

Kate44 reaches out for advice about whether or not to pay her Loved One's rent. Read on for Dominique Simon-Levine's suggestions and important considerations. 


CRAFT gets a Shout-Out

CRAFT in the news - the research clearly shows that this method works! This article compares the effectiveness of CRAFT against other "intervention" models, also discussing its relatively low-profile status in the United States - where we truly need it. 


The Sinclair Method

Alcoholism is not a one-size fits all disease. Non-abstinence based models can be effective in some cases. This article examines a variety of approaches and their relative efficacy. Of special interest may be the author's discussion of the Sinclair Method and the recovery models used in Finland.  


Podcast #37— SPECIAL HOLIDAY PODCAST: When Holidays Are a Trigger

(40:59)  Regardless the holidays or traditions you observe, this time of year can be trying, triggering and even traumatic. In this special holiday podcast, Laurie MacDougall and Annie Highwater take apart the often looming, overwhelming effect of "the Holidays" - from how our own expectations affect reality, what role nostalgia plays, how honest we are about those in our entourage who are struggling with SUD, and the heavy duty emotions that often come up for many of us during this time, this conversation will allow you to look at the holiday season from a different angle. 

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