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An Autumn Sunrise

Relax and watch the sun rise on one of the most climbed mountains in the world—Mt. Monadnock in Southern New Hampshire.


I'm Religious About CRAFT but He's Not Improving

He went to treatment and did incredibly well. He came home and, without sufficient recovery input, quickly relapsed. He’s been getting worse and worse ever since. Can the extreme behavior, the stealing, the disrupted sleep pattern, and severe depression all be chalked up to the addiction? Could he suffer from an underlying, untreated condition?


Five Science-Backed Strategies to Build Resilience

Even for the relatively self-aware and emotionally adept, struggles can take us by surprise. But learning healthy ways to move through adversity—a collection of skills that researchers call resilience—can help us cope better and recover more quickly, or at least start heading in that direction.


Treatment Options for Stimulant Use Disorder

There are still very few pharmaceutical options to block the effects of stimulants on the body. However, there are more and more therapy options showing encouraging results in treating addiction to stimulants such as crack cocaine and cocaine, methamphetamines, amphetamines and prescription stimulants. Learn more about these promising approaches here. 


Podcast #61 — Laurie's Internal Journey

(53:37) In this episode, Dominique asks Laurie to share with us what was going through her mind when she realized her son was struggling with an opiate disorder. Laurie opens up about her process, about her struggles, and about how she came to dedicate her life to helping families deal with their Loved One's addiction. Listen to Dominique and Laurie’s conversation for a beautiful and powerful account of the trials and tribulations of a mother fighting to heal her son and heal herself. 

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What's Going On When My Loved One Uses?

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