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Create a Clearing in the Dense Forest of Your Life

Postlewaite's poem urges us to create a clearing in the "dense forest" of our lives, then "wait there patiently" ... I see a real parallel with the work our members do as you are going through our program and integrating the principles of CRAFT into your daily lives. 


I Manage Two Sober Homes

What recovery means to us is not necessarily defined by 12-Step adherence, though we have found that people who are truly committed to 12-Step concepts are usually at a place where they are actively reflecting on their life process, and working on ways to engage with respect and empathy with others attempting to do the same thing.


New Guidelines on the Information Healthcare Providers Can Share

The HHS Office for Civil Rights has released new guidance on when and how healthcare providers can share a patient’s health information with his or her family members, friends, and legal personal representatives when that patient may be in crisis and incapacitated, such as during an opioid overdose.


CRAFT Groups & Coaches

Many families wish to deepen their knowledge and understanding of CRAFT by working in person with a CRAFT facilitator and being in contact with other families. These are the Groups/Meetings/Coaches we are aware of. Feel free to inform us of other groups you know of.



Podcast #52 What Is CRAFT & Why Do You Need It?

(43minn27sec)  In this episode of CUFA, Annie and Laurie explain CRAFT method, what is is, how it works and what you can do to guide your Son, Daughter, Spouse, or other Loved One willingly into treatment.  Could tweaking your wording lead someone to choose recovery? What are some things you might try to influence another's behavior toward treatment and healing? And what are the ten types of distorted thinking that we all fall into from time to time? Lots of great direction, and hopeful information in today's show, this is an episode that every family needs to hear!!

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