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The Snow Day

An unexpected snow day and a poem by Tess Gallagher remind us  that every day brings new choices. 


If We Kick Him Out Will Drug Use Worsen?

Leaving the house is conditional on continued use. The Loved One is told they are loved and would be welcomed back once they commit to addressing their addiction. Taken to its extreme, we suggest a day bed and a locker in a common space, where the Loved One can come FOR EVEN ONE NIGHT when they are not using.


Why Some People Swear by Alcoholics Anonymous—And Others Despise It

The 12 steps, first established in the 1930s by Bill Wilson, have now become a powerhouse in the addiction treatment world, with millions of attendees worldwide each year in AA meetings alone. More than 15 million have an alcohol use disorder. Excessive drinking alone is linked to 88,000 deaths each year. So whether one of the most common types of treatment for this disease is actually effective could be a matter of life or death.


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What's Going On When My Loved One Uses?

The ABC's of My Loved One's Non-Use