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Quarantine Feelings

The changes we're facing due to the COVID pandemic and social distancing have brought up some complicated feelings for all of us... to say the least. Here is a simple and liberating take on the situation from Rosslyn Kemerer.


I'm Trying to Let Go of the Last 15 Years

Has your Loved One been struggling for what feels like forever? Do you feel like you have tried everything or maybe even done too much? Read here about how CRAFT can provide you a fresh perspective when you don’t know what to do anymore. 


Alcoholism vs. Addiction

Using a wide range of first-hand accounts, this article takes a frank look at the language we use to label addictions, and unpacks some of the meaning within these terms.


Online Support Options for Loved Ones and Family Members

Your Loved Ones need to know about online support options in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. There are a number of wonderful online communities offering real support, in the absence of face-to-face meetings. Here is a selection of options to share with your Loved Ones.  You'll find online groups for families too!


Podcast #42—Do You Really Want to Be Well?

(37:24)  In this week's episode Laurie and Annie talk about those we know who seem content in misery, hanging pictures and inviting company down into their pit with them. Outside of being in the midst of trauma or grief, there are times we can decide not to see things negatively. Why do we return to situations we do nothing but complain about? This week's short podcast ends with a list from Psychology Today of symptoms and signs that one might be a "chronically unhappy person."

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