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An Invitation to Freedom by Jack Kornfield

Have you found that there are certain thoughts or sensations or feelings that keep coming back when you meditate? This thoughtful piece by invites us to consider that those "stuck places" may require a bit of additional attention, a slightly different approach than we'd use with  the usual "train of thoughts". Even if you're a beginner in the realm of meditation, this short piece is worth the detour.


He's Abstinent but the Anxiety Is Out of Control

 Sometimes when a Loved One becomes abstinent from substances, untreated mental health issues come out in full force. This Loved One is abstinent, in treatment (online), but is suffering severe anxiety without substances to take the edge off.He seems motivated to get the anxiety can she support this? Dr John Fitzgerald weighs in with 5 simple interventions to consider.


Podcast # 75 — Do's & Don'ts When You're On the Phone with an Addicted Loved One

Whether your loved one is far away, or your communications are simply scanty, we share the Do's and Don'ts for when you do get them on the phone.  Listen in and find out why Kayla suggests that the goal of the conversation is for "everybody to be uncomfortable"!  She goes on to declare, "If you can start valuing discomfort, you have change."   Another highly practical, entertaining and winning episode!


David Scherer, CRAFT Expert & Researcher

David Scherer, PhD has been a collaborator on the Allies team from the start. He is a retired clinical psychologist and professor emeritus in the Psychological and Brain Sciences Department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He worked with adolescents and families for over 35 years, doing research and publishing articles on adolescent development and how to most effectively treat troubled adolescents. Here is a selection of his publications.


Toxic Moods

We hear a lot about Serenity in recovery programs. For me personally, developing Serenity meant no longer being codependent to four dynamics when they show up around me: Jealousy, spitefulness, moodines and rudeness.

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