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With A Little Help From My Friends

In a time when we deeply need to connect to one another,  we hold Joe Cocker's beautiful and powerful rendition of the Lennon & McCartney classic With A Little Help From My Friends close to our hearts.


How Do I Handle My Fear of Relapse: the Million Dollar Question

I came to understand, in part by following the Learning Modules on this site, that my behaviors actually served no useful purpose and were actually pushing my Loved One closer to the edge of relapse. Meanwhile, I was feeling more and more unwell, both physically and mentally. Here's what I came to understand...


Contingency Management Works - Why Is It So Underused?

In a recent article, focused on contingency management, finally putting addiction treatment at the heart of the conversation. How does it work? What are clinicians, researchers and patients saying about it? What are the obstacles preventing people with addiction from accessing this innovative treatment method? 


Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)*

MAT (medication-assisted treatment) is the use of medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies, to provide a whole-patient approach to the treatment of substance use disorders (SUD). Research shows that when treating substance use disorders, a combination of medication and behavioral therapies is most successful.


Podcast #65 — What Is Peer Support? With Thrive CEO Brian Bailys

(37:08) In today's episode of Coming Up for Air, Annie Highwater focuses on peer support. She interviews Brian Bailys, Thrive CEO and creator of Ascent, a series of peer recovery coaching services available in Ohio and nationwide. Learn more about Thrive Peer Support, about Ascent and about how Ohio is changing the face of continuing care. 

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What's Going On When My Loved One Uses?

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