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Staying Strong vs. Going Crazy

Annie Highwater offers grounding suggestions for staying sane during crazy times. Who doesn't need help with that?


Setting Up for Her to Come Back Home

A Loved One has expressed some desire to get help, but her using boyfriend complicates the situation. Dominique Simon-Levine lays out the essential pieces of a plan to get her moving in the right direction.


Franklin County Jail Trailblazer in Providing Methadone Treatment

Staggering numbers of incarcerated people struggle with active Substance Use Disorder. A Franklin County Jail has gotten proactive - in this article, we learn how one jail's move to become a licensed Methadone treatment provider has been a real game-changer for staff and inmates alike. 


Online Support Options for Loved Ones and Family Members

Your Loved Ones need to know about online support options in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. There are a number of wonderful online communities offering real support, in the absence of face-to-face meetings. Here is a selection of options to share with your Loved Ones.  You'll find online groups for families too!


Podcast #15—Silver Linings—A Whole New Playbook

Can good possibly come in the midst of terrible crisis, chaos and despair? While Annie and Laurie agree that they would wish a Loved One's struggling with SUD on no family, they also agree that it can prompt positive growth,pruning and weeding, purging and healthy family development. Strength can emerge from the depths of this adversity. This week's discussion revolves around personal growth that has come from facing the affliction of their sons' addiction. Both give examples of how their sons have matured into men and how society as a whole is being called to health, truth and compassion. Join in and send us your thoughts about this week's Coming Up for Air!

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