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Freedom from Self-Doubt

"Freedom from Self-Doubt" is the title of this TED talk in which one man shares his dramatic story of recovery. This is a must-see for members of our community. B.J. Davis is captivating as he breaks down his internal journey: "This time, the seeds of believing in myself that had been planted in my garden of self-doubt took root and started to grow... For the first time since I had left prison, I felt free...of the  mental and emotional shackles caused by the pain and the shame and the despair of my years of drug use." Listen in and discover what allowed those seeds to start growing.


She's Back at Home with a Daybed and Locker

help4t's daughter has wound up back at home after violating probation and a few months of active use. It's a shock to see her in this state again. Here Dominique Simon-Levine provides a way to approach the next few months...


Dr. Drew on Substance Use and Violence

Dr. Drew has published a new article on the connections between substance use and violence.  Drugs and alcohol can both trigger aggression and escalate/increase its severity, so when they intersect in intimate relationships the results can be devastating for everyone involved. 


The Sinclair Method

Alcoholism is not a one-size fits all disease. Non-abstinence based models can be effective in some cases. This article examines a variety of approaches and their relative efficacy. Of special interest may be the author's discussion of the Sinclair Method and the recovery models used in Finland.  


Podcast #60—DBT Part 2 — The Story of DBT

(1hr09min) Annie continues the discussion with DBT specialist Lisa Bond. Where does DBT come from? They look into the story of Dr. Marsha Linehan, who struggled with mental health, suicidal feelings, etc. After her full recovery, Linehan created DBT for people who needed more than therapy or medical treatment. DBT is a powerful, encouraging, validating process that can transform just about any life in upheaval. 

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