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It's Not Tough Love, But It's Still Tough!

Editor Isabel Cooney realized that there was a striking parallel between the challenges of the CRAFT method and those of getting your baby to sleep. We fall into enabling behaviors at all stages and walks of life. Take this with a grain of salt of course...


She's Trying to Get Her Kids Back, but Still Using

Allies member dhpofamily has guardianship of their grandkids,  but mom & dad both use and working out visitation guidelines has been an enormous challenge.  Dominique Simon-Levine weighs in with a CRAFT approach. 


Franklin County Jail Trailblazer in Providing Methadone Treatment

Staggering numbers of incarcerated people struggle with active Substance Use Disorder. A Franklin County Jail has gotten proactive - in this article, we learn how one jail's move to become a licensed Methadone treatment provider has been a real game-changer for staff and inmates alike. 


The Sinclair Method

Alcoholism is not a one-size fits all disease. Non-abstinence based models can be effective in some cases. This article examines a variety of approaches and their relative efficacy. Of special interest may be the author's discussion of the Sinclair Method and the recovery models used in Finland.  


Podcast #46—Feeling Sorry: Where Does It Lead? Can It Be Useful?

(34:44) When a Loved One suffers from addiction, part of the complicated web of emotions we experience involves feeling sorry for them. A Loved One struggling with the influence of drugs or alcohol is not in their "right mind," and can often play on those chords—inviting us to feel sorry for them, in order to extract from us what they need in that moment. As the family of a Loved One with SUD, we can also be vulnerable to feeling sorry for ourselves, given the high stress and heartache that are part of nearly every day. 

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