Podcast #68 — How Do Alanon / Naranon Differ from CRAFT? An In-depth Comparison


Allies in Recovery · 68# The different methods of recovery with guest Kayla Solomon - the allies team

(1 hour 1 min) Kayla Solomon joins Laurie MacDougall to address the question, “How do Alanon / Naranon differ from CRAFT?” 

The two most common approaches for family members dealing with SUD are broken down and compared. Listen to this in-depth discussion on the differences, and a few similarities, between CRAFT and Alanon/Naranon.

Which approach discourages continued interaction with your LO?
Which one encourages you to reflect upon both the family member's role and the LO's behaviors?
Which one gives you a toolkit for staying in touch and building a bridge with your LO?

You can't afford not to listen to this episode!

Topics in this post: Al-Anon, CRAFT 101, Self-help groups