Podcast #56—Sam Quiñones & His Book Dreamland


(1hr6min) Journalist Sam Quiñones researched and wrote the book Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic. In this episode, Annie has the privilege of speaking with Sam, who shares his rich experiences writing the book - from researching Mexican cartel trafficking, to meeting dealers in prisons who were open and raw with their stories, to getting to know the family members impacted by a Loved One's addiction.

Sam paints a vivid picture of how the disintegration of community—and thus human connection—illustrated by the closing of community pools such as Dreamland (the book's namesake), has contributed to the gathering storm of what has become our country's worst drug epidemic. Hearing Sam feels like listening to an old friend describe years of family and community stories that hit all of us right in the heart. Listen in now.

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