The Sinclair Method


This article, which originally appeared in March 2015 issue of the Atlantic, explores alternatives to the abstinence-based model of AA. Alcoholics Anonymous and its message of total absitnence works wonderfully for some, while for others it doesn't seem to do the trick. There are other options, such as the Sinclair Method, to consider for a Loved One who wants help but isn't finding AA to be effective. Putting the different methods into a variety of contexts, including historical, social and medical, the author presents a thorough investigation of current options for treatment. Take or leave the harsh words about AA... but read on for a multi-faceted exploration of the options available.

Topics in this post: 12 steps groups (AA, Alcoholics Anonymous, NA, Narcotics Anonymous…), abstinence, alcohol, Medication for Addiction, moderating, Naltrexone, Sinclair Method, Treatment approaches, evidence based